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I LOVED this novel!

The Price of Humans - J.L.   Edwards

I couldn’t get enough of The Price of Humans. This novel follows the story of the dynamic relationship between an unlikely pair, Chaba and George. Chaba witnessed the murder of his father and thinking that justice will never prevail, leads a life of lawlessness. He lives the life of a poor man, wondering where his next meal is going to come from and doing everything he can to provide for his young daughter. George is a factory man that leads a mundane life, but also an easy one. George has a home, nice things, a crazy wife, a big heart, and a need to help people. George becomes almost like a father figure to Chaba, leading him through life, feeding Chaba’s child, and doing what he can to turn Chaba’s life around. But does Chaba really want his life turned around? Does he seek the justice that George thinks he can have?
The suspense in this novel is remarkable, there’s never a moment that doesn’t have you perched at the edge of your seat. What is really appealing to the novel is the amount of truth that is behind it, as it is a mostly true retelling. In the middle of climactic scenes I had to take a step back from the novel to appreciate that these things really did happen, this tragedies are going on, these political “myths” that I’ve read about aren’t so mythic. The Price of Humans is eye opening. intriguing, and definitely worth the read. I highly recommend this novel to anyone that needs to see that justice prevails even in the most unlikely of places.